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Simcenter Star-CCM+

Simcenter STAR-CCM + is a complete multi-physical solution for simulating the real behavior of structures, incorporating unique optimization tools to explore the entire design space efficiently.


Simcenter STAR-CCM + is a leading computer fluid dynamics (CFD) solution that allows you to solve almost any engineering problem that involves fluid, gas, and multiphase flow along with all related physics areas.


Why Simcenter STAR-CCM +?

  • Aeroacoustics
    Noise caused by air flow is a major issue addressed throughout the industry. Simcenter STAR-CCM + offers a wide library of models to predict aerodynamic noise sources including steady-state models, direct models (DES / LES), promotional models and acoustic perturbation equations (APE).
  • Flow dynamics
    Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in Sicmenter STAR-CCM + enables efficient and accurate solution of fluid dynamics models. The solution is associated with excellent performance parallelization and excellent scalability of computing power. To find the optimal solution, a powerful algorithm for exploring the entire design space is implemented.[page_produktySiemens/product_36.png]
  • Multiphase flow
    Simcenter STAR-CCM + offers a variety of options for simulating physical behavior based on both Eulerian and Lagrange solutions.
  • Particle flow
    DEM (Discrete element method) can be used to simulate the movement of a large number of interactive particles. Typical applications are eg simulation of the flow of granular aggregates, food particles, powder metals, tablets, capsules, grains or grass. Simcenter STAR-CCM + is the first commercial tool to combine DEM simulations with numerical flow simulations.
  • Reaction flow
    Simcenter STAR-CCM + provides insight into turbulent flow field interactions and chemical reactions, which can lead to a relationship between performance and product emissions under different operating conditions.
  • ​Innovative licensing options
    In the age of multi-core computers, there is a cost for software, not hardware. The traditional computer aided engineering (CAE) licensing model is becoming a limiting factor when using large computing clusters. When analytics software is licensed on a kernel basis, you may end up with underutilized resources, which limits your technical ambitions. It is thanks to these factors that Simcenter offers STAR-CCM + power licensing.

More about Simcenter STAR-CCM+: Simcenter STAR-CCM+

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