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Computational Solution

We provide a wide range of engineering simulations in the form of:

Predictive Engineering From 1D calculations performed in the conceptual design phase to 3D multi-physical calculations to verify the functionality of the prototype
Calculations check According to relevant standards or according to customer requirements
Optimalization Current state optimization - improvement of required parameters, weight, efficiency, thermal and dynamic properties
Validation calculations Comparison with experimental data and backward correlation with input data
Consultation and methodology Recommendations of the most suitable calculation procedure with computational software and ensuring project management

Overview of offered simulations and their combinations:

Type of calculation Mathematical formulation Description Combination with other types of calculation
[page_onas/onas5.png] FEM FEM Linear & Nonlinear Analysis
Contact analysis
Virtual testing
Dynamic analysis
Thermal deformation and stress
CHT, Conjugate Heat Transfer
FSI, Fluid Structural Interaction
[page_onas/onas6.png] FEM
Noise emission to the environment
Noise transfer between different interfaces
Combination with ELMAG calculation of electromagnetic forces - solution of electromagnetic noise
[page_onas/onas7.png] FEM
Heat transfer
Combination with ELMAG calculation of Joule losses and electromagnetic losses
flow12.jpg FVM
External and internal aerodynamics
Multiphase flow - VOF, discrete phase, DEM
Combustion and chemical reactions
Phase change - condensation, boiling
Flow into molds, solidification
Combination with FEA structural analysis Combination with electromagnetic field of public transport (Magneto Hydro Dynamics)
[page_onas/onas8.png] FEM Low and high cycle fatigue
Fatigue of welded structures
Fatigue of composite materials
Fracture mechanics
Combination with temperature load, creep
[page_onas/onas9.png] FEM Low-frequency electromagnetism
Calculation of losses and efficiency of electrical machines
Design of electrical machines
Combination with CFD cooling calculations
Combination with rotordynamics
Combination with FEA
strength calculations
[page_onas/onas10.png] MBS Rigid & elastic body
Tire model
Co-simulation with control
Collision check
Possibility of cosimulation with FEA structural calculations
Models for simulation of rock resistance DEM in combination with CFD
Implementation of 1D systems for control, modeling of hydraulics, tires and driving stability
[page_onas/onas11.png] FEM Calculation of critical speeds
External excitation
Stress Consideration & Material Fatigue
Bearings and other attached equipment
Combination with MBS kinematics and 1D system simulation for control
[page_onas/onas12.png] 1D Simulation of complex systems from the fields of hydraulics, tires, heat conduction, electromagnetism, mechanics and control
Optimization of working cycles and machine control
Simulation of electric / hybrid / ICE traction, consumption and emissions calculation
Possibility to use simplified models from FEA, CFD and ELMAG analyzes
[page_onas/onas13.png] Optimization
Design Exploration
3D calculations - FEA, CFD, ELMAG
1D calculations
Combination of 1D and 3D
Automatic selection of the most suitable optimization method from a wide range of available methods (DOE, gradient, genetic, stochastic and others).
  • FEM = Finite Element Method, FEA = Finite Element Analysis
  • BEM = Boundary Element Method
  • CFD = Computational Fluid Dynamics, FVM = Finite Volume Method
  • MBS = Multi-body Simulation
  • VOF = Volume of Fluid
  • DEM = Discrete Element Method
  • DOE = Design of Experiments
  • ICE = Internal Combustion Engine
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