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TechSim Engineering offers 2 types of training:


Training focused on specific issues tailored to the client's requirements.
When to choose these trainings?

The training is intended for customers interested in the design / development of one of the products (e.g. design and development of an electric motor) or for development teams interested in a certain area of physics (electromagnetism, acoustics, lifetime, etc.)


TechSim Engineering uses Siemens software on a daily basis. For this reason, we can arrange high-added value training for Simcenter 3D, Simcenter STAR-CCM +, Simcenter Amesim, Simcenter MotorSolve and Simcenter MagNet.

Name  of training Description Duration of training (days) The cost of training
Simcenter 3D
Basic strength and dynamic analyses
Strength and dynamic calculations of structural parts and assemblies, model preparation, boundary conditions, network creation, calculation and evaluation of results 2 1 600
Simcenter 3D
Nonlinear structural problems
Problems with contact, material and geometric nonlinearity. Large deformations, plasticity, creep, prestressed joints, residual stresses and imperfections 1 1 200
Simcenter 3D
Advanced dynamics
Forced oscillations - transient, frequency, response spectrum, PSD, shock loads. Linear modal and direct solutions. 1 1 200
Simcenter 3D 
Fundamentals of rotor dynamics - computational approaches and physical phenomena (gyroscopic moments, circular oscillations, Campbell's diagram, preload, ...). Determination of the necessary input parameters (stiffness, damping, bearings,...). 1 1 200
Simcenter 3D
Fatigue life prediction 1 1 200
Simcenter 3D
3D printing and topological optimization
Optimization of structures for 3D printing 1 800
Simcenter 3D
Composites and new materials
Strength and dynamic calculations of composite parts 1 1 200
Simcenter 3D
Flow and heat transfer
CFD calculations of flow and heat transfer - by conduction, convection and radiation. Combined role of heat transfer - coupling. 1 800
Simcenter 3D
Multi-body simulation
Kinematics of fixed and flexible parts (FEA) - functionality of the mechanism, speed, acceleration and driving dynamics, determining the load on components (flexible bodies) 1 800
Simcenter 3D
Calculation of noise propagation in space in the Ray Acoustics program 1 1 200
Simcenter 3D
3D low-frequency electromagnetic field in the MAGNET program (electric motor, actuators, induction charging,...) 1 800
Simcenter 3D
Design of electric motors
Electromagnetic design of electric motors in the Motorsolve program (full 2D FEA approach), temperature loss models 1 1 200
Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Basic training of CFD calculations of flow and heat transfer, model preparation, creation of a computational network, boundary conditions, setting and execution of the calculation and evaluation of the results 2 1 600
HEEDS Universal multiphysics optimizer deployable for different types of tasks (CFD, FEA and ELMAG) 1 1 200
Simcenter Floefd Basic CFD system training for flow and heat transfer calculations for designers 1 1 200
Simcenter Amesim Basic training of the 1D system, building the model, available component libraries, calculation, evaluation of results, creation of submodels 2 1 600
Simcenter Amesim
Dimensioning of drives
Dimensioning of electric drives and hybrid drives 1 1 200
Simcenter Amesim
Specialized libraries
Sample problems for one selected library from the following: Powertrain Transmission, Vehicle System Dynamics, Aero Systems, Vehicle Thermal Management, Electromechanical, Thermofluids Systems and Components 1 1 200
Simcenter Flomaster Basic training of the 1D system, building the model, available component libraries, calculation, evaluation of results, creation of submodels 1 1 200
Simcenter Flomaster
Pipe systems, shock events 1 1 200
NX CAD Basic work with a 3D modeler 1 800
NX CAD Efficient editing of imported models in NX CAD for FEA and CFD calculations 1 800
Simcenter TestLab Basics of program control and data processing in the time and frequency domain 1 800
Services Individual consultation of assignment methodology, solution and evaluation of tasks   100 EUR/hr
Services Noise and vibration measurement  - noise and vibration measurement, determination of noise load and localization of noise sources, technical control measurements of vibrations of machines and equipment   100 EUR/hr

Prices do not include travel costs

Another option is to provide training with Siemens certification.

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