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OptiAssist for Simcenter 3D

OptiAssist for Simcenter 3D is an add-in for Simcenter 3D, designed to unlock the power of structural optimization using the Nastran Optimization module (SOL200).


Embedded within the familiar Simcenter 3D interface, OptiAssist can quickly and easily guide the engineer through the process of creating, analysing and post processing optimization solutions. Using OptiAssist allows engineers to rapidly deliver high performance, lightweight products within a short timeframe. Through the OptiAssist interface, engineers are able to efficiently develop their products, seamlessly integrating optimization into their engineering development cycle.

Why OptiAssist for Simcenter 3D?

  • ​Composite Ply Placement
    Ply Pattern optimization is used to determine the best layout and shape of composite plies for a structure. Stiffness, strength and modal requirements can be considered. OptiAssist can automatically update the Global Layups with the optimized ply patterns or can work with PCOMP data where the user does not have the Laminate Composites Module.
  • Efficient Laminate Optimization
    Detailed Sizing is used to optimize an existing laminate/layup to refine its performance at a later stage of the design process. Ply thickness & angle can be optimized simultaneously whilst considering the performance requirements of the structure.
  • Component & Assembly Gauge Optimization
    Gauge optimization is used on structures consisting of thin panels or many thin features (shell elements). Thickness of each selected Physical Property will be updated automatically to meet the defined constraints and meet the optimization goal.
  • Casting / Moulding Thickness Optimization
    Casting or Moulding optimization is very similar to Gauge Optimization, however, each designed Physical Property is subdivided into smaller areas, which can each have their own individual thickness. This allows the thickness to vary across the property.


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