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Design explorer HEEDS automates and accelerates the development of a new product, be it a component or a complex multidisciplinary system.

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Creating workflow optimization is facilitated by the ability to link almost all available commercial and non-commercial modeling and simulation software. It does not matter either the complexity or the number of model parameters.



  • Focused on the result, not the tool
    HEEDS shares data between different software so you can focus on the right design selection and not the virtual testing process.
  • Hardware performance
    HEEDS enables all hardware resources to be used - whether local, remote, clustered or cloud computing. What does this mean in practice? For example, it is possible to run CAD optimization on a local station, server structural analysis and CFD analysis in parallel on a cluster.
  • Exploration of designs in everyday engineering
    Most optimization software is associated with high technology specialization and often requires simplification of models. HEEDS uses a model that has already been created, regardless of its complexity or number of parameters, and is looking for the best solution at a specified time.
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More about HEEDS: HEEDS Factsheet


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