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Have you heard of the OptiAssist solution for Simcenter 3D?


You may not have missed the fact that our portfolio includes, among other things, the OptiAssist product. It has been used by Sonnenwagen, D2H Group, University of West Bohemia or Ineos Team UK.


Matthew Hicks, Director of Engineering at D2H, said: " “We have had a number of structural composite projects and we have undertaken those analyses and the optimisations in a much more manual approach. As those systems get more complex, an increasingly automated approach to that optimisation would certainly help us and our clients deliver these projects with a much quicker turnaround”. They do not hide the fact that a very important fact in the decision-making was the possibility of implementation directly into NX / Nastran, which they use in the company, which meant a smooth start to using OptiAssist.

Dave Jonson, team development leader at INEOS TEAM UK, who leads international sailing competitions, has a clear view of the simulations: “ Simulation is absolutely playing a key role in developing the boats. The more concepts that we can cycle through and evaluate, the more value that adds. ”Of course, this approach gives them a significant competitive advantage. Siemens has previously written about how they managed to reduce optimization time from day to hour.


OptiAssist s a tool tailored for developers struggling with shell or composite structures from GRM.

Design optimization methods are not new, but their acceptance into technical development remains relatively low; they are often used only by "optimization experts". OptiAssist for Simcenter 3D builds on GRM's experience with real-world design optimization applications and provides an interface that guides engineers and allows them to unlock optimization options.

OptiAssist for Simcenter 3D is a fully integrated add-on for Simcenter 3D users, designed to unlock the power of structural optimization with the Nastran Optimization module (SOL200). The goal of OptiAssist is to provide a unified optimization environment that extends the available structural optimization methods and greatly simplifies the entire process.

How can OptiAssist help you?
1) Optimization of material thickness of shell structures (tutorial)
2) Topographic optimization of shell structures (tutorial)
3) Optimization of free-form shells (tutorial)
4) Optimization of composites (tutorial)

The main benefits of this tool are:
• Reducing the number of iterations and thus shortening the development time of structures
• Taking into account a larger number of design requirements in the calculation
• Smooth tasks in a familiar environment
• Shortening the development time of laminate structures
• Maximize the potential of composite materials
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