Simcenter Thermal (Advanced Thermal)

Simcenter Thermal offers comprehensive capabilities for thermal analysis and heat transfer simulation. Fully embedded in the Simcenter environment, Simcenter Thermal provides a complete framework for modeling and solving complex thermal problems. The product enables effective simulation of both steady state and transient thermal response, including cyclic processes. It handles a complete range of temperature-dependent material, phase change and thermo-optical properties, as well as orthotropic materials. Powerful Thermal Coupling technology treats heat transfer between contacting bodies with disjoint meshes. Simcenter Thermal offers high fidelity simulation of radiative heat transfer, using hemicube technology for view factor calculation, combined with a patching algorithm for matrix condensation. Boundary conditions can be time and temperature-dependent, and include a wide range of convective conditions. Thermostatically-controlled heat loads can be modeled. Simcenter Thermal can be used in combination with the Simcenter Flow product to model fully-coupled forced and natural convection problems. State-of-the-art conjugate gradient solver technology ensures rapid and reliable model solution. Comprehensive post-processing tools include heat flow diagnostics and XY plotting. Temperature results for Simcenter Thermal can be used directly for thermo-elastic analysis by NX Nastran.