Simcenter Results Viewer

The Simcenter Results Viewer is a stand-alone post processing application. It supports the read and display of FE, Finite Volume and BEM results from all the Simcenter 3D Solutions including NX Nastran, Simcenter Thermal, Simcenter BEM Acoustics and Samcef as well as other standard result formats such as Abaqus, ANSYS, Universal File, LS-Dyna and Permas. It provides various ways to display results such as contour plots, deformations, iso-surfaces, streamlines as well as animation of each of these displays. It provides support for text annotations and image capture including results JT creation. Templates can be used to quickly apply user settings or recreate commonly needed plots and displays. Extensive XY graphing capabilities are provided from basic scatter plots to plotting of complex results. Graphs can be created at various locations of your model and can show how results change over time.