Simcenter Motion (Modeling, Solver, Flexible Body, Systems and Controls, Standard Tire, CD Tire, TNO MF Tire, TNO MF Swift Tire)

The Simcenter Motion Solver includes solutions for kinematic, static, and dynamic analysis.
The software uses the most advanced numerical multibody simulation (MBS) solving techniques, in fast, stable and robust solving process, providing the most accurate results. Its algorithm can use both implicit and explicit numerical integrators. This product extends the rigid body dynamics of Simcenter Motion to include flexible components which have been evaluated using the finite element method. The FE flex component modal evaluations can be performed using Simcenter Pre/Post and NX Nastran or a 3rd party Nastran solution and this data is substituted into the system evaluation. The typical Motion objects are supported, such as joints springs, dampers, motion drivers, forces, torques and bushings.
Any rigid link in the motion system can be replaced with a flexible component model, and the system provides detailed results of the flexible components (such as stress, displacement, etc) in the context of the system motion.
Graphs can be generated and result contours of the flexible components can be displayed and animated synchronous with the system motion. Simcenter Motion Flexible Body was created through incremental and logical extensions to existing NX functionality resulting in a very tightly integrated and easy to use product.