Simcenter Flow (Advanced Flow)

Simcenter Flow offers a complete suite of CFD capabilities for high accuracy simulation of fluid flow. Fully embedded in the Simcenter environment, Simcenter Flow provides a complete framework for modeling and solving complex fluid flow problems. It supports fully unstructured meshes, which can be generated using the Simcenter Desktop. It also supports fully disjoint meshes across adjoining volumes. Flow blockages can be modeled using 2D or 3D solid elements, with arbitrary porosity (including orthotropic), surface roughness, and convective attributes. Simcenter Flow can be used in tandem with the Simcenter Flow product for seamless modeling of fully-coupled forced and natural convection problems. Flow boundary conditions are easily modeled, including fan curves, time-varying inlet and outlet conditions, internal fans, and recirculation loops. Simcenter Flow offers a variety of turbulence models for flow modeling, including mixing length and k-e models; second-order schemes are available for momentum, energy, and turbulence. The product enables effective simulation of both steady state and transient fluid flow problems, with effective handling of conjugate heat transfer problems. Simcenter Flow features a very advanced and efficient algebraic multigrid solver, ensuring rapid and reliable solution. Comprehensive post-processing tools are provided.