Simcenter Electronic Systems Cooling

Simcenter Electronic Systems Cooling provides a comprehensive environment for simulation of 3D air flow and heat transfer in electronic systems. It includes modeling tools specific to the High Tech and Electronics industry such as a commercial fan library and automated ECAD to MCAD data interface. As an integrated part of the Simcenter portfolio, models are created using the Simcenter Modeling tools for 3D-design geometry using a simple and intuitive graphical interface. With Simcenter Electronic Systems Cooling, you can effectively model individual components, multi-chip modules, heat sinks, and PC boards, as well as complete electronic systems. The Simcenter Electronic Systems Cooling has an interface with EDA design systems for direct and bi-directional PCB and FPC data. Overall, this module allows you to perform digital thermal simulation early in the design process and reduces the need for building and testing physical prototypes.