Simcenter Durability (Wizard, Advanced)

Simcenter Durability Wizard is a simulation wizard for calculating the fatigue life of mechanical components subjected to cycles of loading. This solution is performed after users have calculated a stress state from a static loading using an FE solver. When the wizard is used with Simcenter Structures, the following FE solvers can be used: NX Nastran, MSC Nastran, ANSYS, or ABAQUS. When the wizard is used with Simcenter Design Simulation or with an NX Mach package, NX Nastran is the only supported FE solver. The durability algorithms in the wizard are based on the crack initiation method for fatigue analysis. The wizard steps the users through the process of selecting a life criteria, load pattern, and number of cycles for the durability computation. Fatigue and strength safety factors and fatigue life results are viewable as contour plots.