Simcenter Acoustics (BEM Solver, Modeling)

The Simcenter Acoustics BEM Solver allows solving for the acoustic performance of systems, described by the BEM method.
The BEM method is particular, in that, it only requires the ‘surface’ to be modeled: like the surface of an engine, or loudspeaker. From such a surface model, the Simcenter Acoustics BEM Solver allows to evaluate the Sound, or Noise or general acoustics peformance in any location in space.
The BEM models are typically not large, as they only consider the surface. As a result, meshing is easy and models are easy to handle. However, solving in particular can be time consuming. Therefore, in many cases, engineers are solving the BEM models on remote systems such LINUX cluster or high end PCs.
The Acoustics BEM Solver generates a results file that can be ready and post-processed by the Simcenter Engineering Desktop.
The Acoustics BEM Solver can run stand-alone, and therefore has no pre-requisites. However, it is assumed the user has prepared the BEM model for solving using the Simcenter Engineering Desktop (SC12500, etc) and Acoustics Modeling (SC30570) applications. Simcenter Acoustics Modeling delivers state-of-the-art tools to facilitate modeling and meshing of the fluid regions of a vibro-acoustic simulation model. For example including surface/mesh wrapping and convex meshing.In addition, the Acoustics modeling product contains the BEM environment, allowing to setup the BEM Acoustics model and create the BEM input file, to be solved by the BEM solver (SC30580).