About us

Company profile overview

Our company performs computational simulations and provides professional counseling and support in the area of design, dimensioning and optimization of machine parts, whole structures and complex engineering assemblies in many industries. Our team consists of experts with extensive experience in the domain of computational fluid dynamics – CFD, finite element analysis of structures – FEA and electromagnetic simulations – EM. All analyses are carried out using the worldwide well-established computational software. The company capitalizes on years of computing experience in fast-growing areas of electro mobility and sustainable energy. We are offering cooperation in the framework of individual custom computations, research and development projects and professional counseling and support.The company has a number of excellent references in the automotive industry, traffic engineering, power engineering and turbo machinery. It’s customers include companies such as DOOSAN SKODA Power, HOWDEN Compressors, PBS ENERGO, SIEMENS Industrial Turbines, SKODA Auto, SKODA Electric and many others.

In 2016 the TechSim Engineering company expanded its activities into the sale of simulation software after becoming the SIEMENS Solution Partner with full exclusivity for the programme product SimcenterLMS Imagine.Lab, NX Nastran, LMS Virtual.Lab  LMS Samtech and others.

FEA – Finite Element Analysis

Linear and nonlinear static analyses (elasto-plasticity, contacts)

Modal, harmonic and transient analyses with consideration of prestress and cyclic symmetry (Campbell diagram, SAFE diagram)

Simulation of heat conduction, transfer and radiation – steady-state and transient analyses with consideration of temperature dependent material properties

FSI analyses – one way/two way analyses based on sharing of boundary condition of CFD and FEA.

Coupled-field analyses – electric-thermal-structural coupled simulation

Fatigue – low and high cycle fatigue and fracture mechanics

Creep – simulations of stress relaxation under high temperatures

Acoustics – modal, harmonic and transient analyses of interiors and exteriors

CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics

Aerodynamics studies – laminar / turbulent flow of compressible and incompressible fluids

Multiphase flow – dispersed phase, miscible and immiscible liquids

Flow in the rotation machines – fluid flow simulation compressible / incompressible fluids in impellers, rotational wheels and stages, determining of the efficiency

Pressure losses and pulsation flow – calculation of pressure losses, un-stabilities and its reduction – piping, fittings, valves, inlet and outlet cases of energetic devices and turbomachines.

Optimization of heat transfer – boiling and condensation – heat exchangers and condensators optimization

Flow in the gaps and rotational parts – labyrinth sealing, bearings and flow inside the gear boxes, determination of the flow characteristics, mass flows and hydrodynamics conditions

Temperature fields – determination of temperature field distribution and heat transfer coefficients – stationary / nonstationary regimes, shape optimization.

Aerodynamics noise – aerodynamics noise axial / radial machines

Wet air simulation – condensation and absorption, HVAC and heating technique, optimization of air inlets diffusers.

EM – Electromagnetic simulation

Electromagnetic field computation and visualization, voltage and current distribution.

Electromagnetic computation of electric machines – motors, transformers and actuators.

Structure electromagnetic resonance frequency and R, L, C, Z, G parameters computation, switching noise reductions.

Design and optimization of electric machines and their parameters.

Multiphysical analysis – coupling with other FEA/CFD solvers

Loss heat computation, air/water cooling and heat transfer via FEA/CFD

Electric circuit computation with additional mechanics or hydraulics elements

Complex physical system simulations – model reductions

EMC/EMI – elimination of undesired conductive, inductive and capacitive couplings and radiation.

Microwave/RF structure parameters computation.